Tips on creating a compelling Pharm.D. application

VCU School of Pharmacy uses a holistic admissions review process. This means we consider many factors to ensure we admit well-rounded students into our program such as personal and extracurricular experiences, letters of recommendation and academic record.

Two questions we are often asked are, “What are you looking for?" and "How can I make my application compelling?”

Below you will find a few tips on strengthening student applications for the admissions process.

  • Schedule an appointment
    Scheduling an appointment with the Office of Admissions and Student Success allows students to learn more about how their application will be reviewed and receive advice on the application process.
  • Attend a virtual event
    We host several virtual events during the academic school year designed to inform prospective students on student life at VCU School of Pharmacy. Make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list to receive event notifications.
  • Review our website and requirements
    Everything you need to know about the application process can be found on our website. Be sure to check out our application timeline and prerequisite checklist, watch a few of our videos, and review the FAQs to make sure you are up to date on all pertinent information.
  • Request and submit strong recommendation letters
    Recommendation letters should give the Admissions Committee a good understanding of a student's interest in pharmacy, character, aptitude and/or extracurricular experiences. Select faculty members, former employers, and/or current healthcare professionals who can speak to who a student is and why they would be a good fit for our program.
  • Participate in community engagement
    Applicants to the Pharm.D. program are not required to have health care-related experience. We understand that during the pandemic it may be difficult for students to secure shadowing or clinical opportunities. However, we are looking for students who have extensive volunteer experience. Compelling Pharm.D. applicants are members of student organizations, volunteer regularly and have experiences that demonstrate their interest in helping others.
  • Apply sooner rather than later
    Our application process currently opens in July and closes in May each year. We encourage students to apply early. As a school that utilizes a rolling admissions process we admit students year-round. Applying early guarantees there are more seats available and allows students to receive an admissions decision sooner rather than later. Remember, students need to have only 30 prerequisite credits to apply and do not need a bachelor’s degree.