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Our department currently includes fourteen full-time teaching and research (T&R) faculty members, two staff members, three emeritus professors and numerous postdoctoral fellows and adjunct and affiliate faculty members, all of whom contribute through individual and collaborative efforts to our mission to achieve excellence in our professional and graduate programs through innovative education and leading-edge research.

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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

The Department of Pharmaceutics at the VCU School of Pharmacy offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Pharmaceutical Sciences. In addition, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program students may elect to pursue a combined Pharm.D. / Ph.D. program. These programs provide rigorous foundation and research experience critical to success in academic, federal and industrial careers.

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Pharmaceutics is a multidisciplinary applied science concerned with the process of transforming chemical entities (new or old) into dosage forms that deliver and maintain appropriate drug concentrations at target sites in the body for appropriate times, while being used safely and effectively by patients. This field requires integration and application of basic concepts from chemistry, biology, physiology, biochemistry and engineering. Our faculty bring together expertise in physical pharmacy, biopharmaceutics, clinical pharmacokinetics, formulation, bioanalysis, drug metabolism, drug transport and materials science, to support our educational and research missions.

The Department of Pharmaceutics facilitates the ability of faculty and students to positively impact human health through the advancement of research and education in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Bringing today’s leaders in research and education together to drive tomorrow’s innovations in the pharmaceutical sciences.