Points of pride

Points of Pride part 1
Points of Pride part 1
Learning in Action

Learning in Action

We believe that students learn better in an inclusive environment that exposes them to individuals of differing perspectives, life experiences and cultural backgrounds.

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Krista Spotlight

Teaching in Action

We will graduate outstanding future pharmacists and scientists who will improve human health, foster exemplary research, and provide sustaining contributions to interprofessional patient care.

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Dayanjan (Shanaka) Wijesinghe

Research in Action

We have over 25 faculty in the school who have active research programs in which M.S., Ph.D., and Post-doctoral students may receive mentoring. Pharm.D. students and prospective graduate students will find a broad spectrum of research activities in which to explore.

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Ben van Tassell

Service in Action

We encourage our student pharmacists to get involved in a variety of community engagement events each year. These events include continuous experiences at local health clinics, community health screenings across Virginia, and international relief efforts.

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