"I will utilize my knowledge, skills, experiences, and values to prepare the next generation of pharmacists."
– Oath of a Pharmacist

Top 5 Reasons to be a Preceptor

  1. Share your knowledge and experience with student pharmacists
  2. Be recognized as a role model and mentor
  3. Constantly improve your clinical and teaching skills
  4. Help shape the future of pharmacy
  5. Give back to the profession

Preceptors are essential for the PharmD program to augment students’ classroom education by providing learning experiences in many aspects of contemporary pharmacy practice.  Assuring the optimal preparation of future pharmacists to improve health outcomes of the patients and populations they serve, preceptors serve as instructors, role models, and mentors, providing students with invaluable exposure to the ‘real world’ of pharmacy practice.  They also influence the behaviors, opinions, and attitudes that students will carry throughout their careers.  Therefore, retaining exemplary preceptor faculty in the field is essential to the mission of the School.

Interested in preparing the next generation of pharmacists? The Preceptor Information and Application Packet will familiarize you with the criteria and responsibilities of practice sites and preceptors, describe more preceptor training resources, and provide a preceptor checklist to help you get started.

CORE ELMS (experiential learning management system) Account: With your affiliate faculty/preceptor appointment and passwords, you’ll access your CORE ELMS account for your assigned students and their evaluations.


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