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Research Topics Faculty
Molecular Modeling and Drug Design U. Desai, G. KelloggM. SafoR. Westkaemper,
Y. ZhangM. DukatR. Huang
X-Ray Crystallography M. Safo 
Allosteric Interactive Drugs M. Safo, R. Glennon, U. Desai
Bioinformatics G. KelloggR. WestkaemperBrad Windle
Chemical Biology R. HuangBrad Windle 
Epigenetics R. Huang
QSAR Technology Development G. Kellogg 
Anti-cancer and Anti-HIV Drug Development Y. ZhangR. HuangS. ZhangBrad Windle
Centrally-acting agents: Design. Synthesis and Mechanisms of Action R. GlennonM. DukatS. Zhang
Behavioral effects of Drugs R. YoungM. DukatR. Glennon
Drugs of Abuse M. DukatR. GlennonR. Young, Y. Zhang