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Research Topics Faculty
Molecular Modeling and Drug Design U. Desai, G. KelloggM. Safo,
Y. ZhangM. Dukat
X-Ray Crystallography M. Safo 
Allosteric Interactive Drugs M. Safo, R. GlennonU. Desai
Bioinformatics G. KelloggBrad Windle
Chemical Biology Brad Windle 
QSAR Technology Development G. Kellogg 
Anti-cancer and Anti-HIV Drug Development Y. Zhang, S. ZhangBrad Windle
Centrally-acting agents: Design. Synthesis and Mechanisms of Action R. GlennonM. DukatS. Zhang
Behavioral effects of Drugs R. YoungM. DukatR. Glennon
Drugs of Abuse M. DukatR. GlennonR. Young Y. Zhang