• Raw data and processed data are stored in a manner to provide a complete audit trail
  • Off-site archival facility (Security Business Archives-Richmond, VA)
  • Temporary archival facility on-site with limited access
  • Quality Assurance Provider (Dimenna & Associates)
  • Part-time service engineer for periodic maintenance/performance qualification

Analytical Capabilities

The Bioanalytical Laboratories Service Center offers a wide range of analytical services. We offer highly sensitive analysis of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids, radioactive and stable isotopic drug metabolism studies, tissue residue analysis, in vitro dissolution testing and peptide, protein, lipid and nucleic acid analysis. Instrumentation includes:

  • Waters Acquity UPLC with TUV Detector
  • AB Sciex 4000Qtrap (LC-MS/MS, Ion trapping)
  • Waters Quattro Micro (LC-MS/MS)
  • Shimadzu LC Pumps
  • Waters Alliance 2695 with PDA 996/2487 UV Detectors
  • Waters 600/717 with PDA 996 Detector
  • Capillary Electrophoreses with fluorescence and absorbance detection
  • GC with mass selective detector
  • Nonisotopic Immunoassay-Fluorescence Polarization
  • Isotope Analysis - both Gamma and Beta Scintillation Spectroscopy

Method Development and Validation

  • Our HPLC and LC/MS/MS development experience spans the range of available technology. Methods have been developed for drugs and endogenous compounds in biological, environmental, and pharmaceutical sample matrices. Our goal in method development involves stages of identification, separation, and quantification to establish robust procedures that minimize problems during sample analysis and keep projects on schedule.

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