What kind of access will I have to the UVA Division facility?

As a student, you will have access to the VCU School of Pharmacy UVA Division classrooms, lounge, and computer lab 24/7. Each student has a locker and mailbox for convenience.

How much access will I have to faculty members?

In addition to the UVA Division faculty and staff, faculty members on the Richmond Campus are available and accessible by telephone, teleconference or e-mail.

How about PC and Internet access?

Each student is given an individual logon account for our network. Students may access the VCU wireless account with an eID and password. All students have 24- hour access to our computer and printing lab.

What if it snows or there is a hurricane?

Dr. McCarthy will make the determination for campus closings and cancellations. If weather conditions are worse in Charlottesville than in Richmond, we will provide information on how to view classes taking place on the Richmond Campus.

Where will I park?

UVA Division students have access to free parking in a surface lots roughly 50 yards from the building in which the classes are conducted. Students will have access to this parking for both their third and fourth years of pharmacy school. Students who chose to come to UVA for their fourth year only will have access to park at the UVA stadium/ arena and ride medical center buses.

Where will I eat?

In addition to the UVA Medical Center cafeterias, there are a number of nearby on the UVA Corner.

Do you have suggestions on housing?

Numerous housing options exist in the Charlottesville city and Albemarle County area. Dr. McCarthy maintains a list of housing options used by both our students and residents that is readily shared with our students.

What employment options exist in the area?

Pharmacy intern positions are available within the UVA Medical Center Inpatient and Outpatient Pharmacies, local independent, grocery store and retail pharmacies. Check with the administrators for the UVA Division for suggestions.

Are there opportunities for research, projects, and presentations?

Students interested in pursuing research projects or additional presentations are provided to our campus students.

Are there community service, continuous professional development (CPD), and service learning events in the Charlottesville area?

Unique opportunities for community service (discussing pharmacy with high school students, health fairs, immunization clinics), service learning (medication history intake for emergency department and hospitalized patients), and CPD are available in Charlottesville. Dr. McCarthy works with the Richmond faculty to ensure the UVA events are approved and accessible for our students.