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Research Centers

Institute for Structural Biology, Drug Discovery and Development

Virginia Commonwealth University offers an interdisciplinary course of graduate study leading to a PhD degree for students with interests in the broad area of structural biology. The emphasis of this curriculum is on mastery of methods for the analysis of biomolecular structures and the application of these methods to solve problems of biological importance . PhD or MD/PhD students may seek entry to the Structural Biology curriculum with the consent of their department or school and the approval of the Structural Biology faculty. Students with backgrounds in quantitative sciences who have an interest in biological structure problems are encouraged to seek entry.

Center for Biomarker Research and Precision Medicine

VCU School of Pharmacy’s Center for Biomarker Research and Precision Medicine has been in operation since May 2006.

The center develops and applies novel methods for the purpose of identifying and using biomarkers to improve disease understanding, and to tailor medication use in individual patients with the goals of enhancing efficacy and minimizing toxicity. High-dimensional investigations where (hundreds of) thousands of genotypes, transcripts, proteins and metabolites are measured together with environmental risk factors and clinical information are considered powerful tools to achieve these goals and are, therefore, an important focus of the research.

The center operates from a strong multidisciplinary perspective. Most of the applications of these methods involve psychiatric outcomes.