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Why a Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Degree from VCU School of Pharmacy?

Graduate Training/Travel Fund (2017) VCU School of Pharmacy
PURPOSE: The goal of the VCU School of Pharmacy Graduate Training/Travel Fund is to ensure that every Ph.D. student at the VCU School of Pharmacy attends at least one meeting or internship during their training at VCU.
ELIGIBILITY: The nominations will be open to any School of Pharmacy Ph.D. student, with preference given to students in their third year or later, and/or for students who are requesting travel to an unpaid internship. FORMAT: Recipients will be selected by an Awards Committee. The number of awards will depend on available funds.
APPLICATION: A nomination is not complete until the following have been submitted: a summary not to exceed one page of student's accomplishments and professional and personal goals for the trip, CV and VCU transcript. Packets should be submitted electronically by pdf to Shakim Jackson.
RECIPIENT: The recipient should complete travel and submit receipts by June 15 of the following year. Please see the Graduate Office to assist with direct payment from the School for any required advance payments, such as conference fees and tickets. Finalists will be selected based on the following criteria: 1. Classwork (i.e., VCU GPA and other non-research program requirements) 2. Research (publications, presentations, and patents -- quality and quantity) 3. The potential for professional and personal benefit derived from the travel
SCHEDULE: April 22nd, 2017: Nominations and packets are due by 5:00 pm. No late packets will be accepted. May 25th, 2017: Recipient(s) announcement at the Graduate Awards Luncheon
Please contact Sha-kim Jackson ( or 628-4408)