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Didactic Required Department Courses

PHAR 509    Evidence-based Pharmacy I: Introduction to Pharmacy Information Skills
PHAR 523
    Foundations I
PHAR 524    Foundations II
PHAR 534    Foundations III
PHAR 535    Foundations IV
PHAR 544    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Cardiovascular
PHAR 545    The U.S. Health Care System
PHAR 547    Managing Patient-Centered Practice (module)
PHAR 549    Pharmacogenetics & Pharmacogenomics
PHAR 550    Scholarship II
PHAR 555    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Endocrinology
PHAR 565    Evidence-Based Pharmacy II: Research Methods and Statistics (module)
PHAR 566    Evidence-based Pharmacy III: Drug Literature Evaluation  (module)
PHAR 601    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Neurology II
PHAR 602    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Psychiatry
PHAR 603    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Respiratory/Immunology
PHAR 604    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Infectious Dis
PHAR 605    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Hematology/Oncology
PHAR 606    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Nephrology/Urology
PHAR 607    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Dermatology, EENT
PHAR 618    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Gastrointestinal/Nutrition
PHAR 619    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Women's Health/Bone and Joint
PHAR 620    Clinical Therapeutics Module: Critical Care/Toxicology and Complex Patients
PHAR 621    Pharmacoeconomics
PHAR 622    Epidemiology & Pharmacy Practice Module
PHAR 640    Foundations V
PHAR 645    Foundations VI
PHAR 660    Community Pharmacy Practice Management II
PHAR 661    Institutional Pharmacy Practice Management
PHAR 724    Pharmacy Law 
PHAR 771    Student Pharmacist Professionalism

Experiential Education:  Pharmacy Practice Experiences

PHAR 530    Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience: Community Practice
PHAR 532    Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience: Hospital Practice
PHAR 533    Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences: Service Learning


PHAR 663    Advanced Diabetes Management
PHAR 672    Advanced Mental Health Pharmacy Practice
PHAR 691    Ambulatory Practice Free Clinic Setting
PHAR 691    Advance Women's Health