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Since its inception in 2006, the CBRPM has been awarded more than 20 competitive research grants where CBRPM faculty are principal investigator (PI) and more than 10 where CBRPM faculty are either co-investigators (Co-I) or co-sponsors (Co-S).

Active Grants

  • “Developmental methylomics of childhood trauma and its health consequences "
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord
    1R01MH104576; NIMH; 2014-2019
    The overarching goal is to identify methylation changes in peripheral blood samples associated with childhood adversity and study short and long term health consequences.
  • “Research education in statistical genetics of substance abuse"
    PI: Michael C. Neale; Co-I: Van den Oord
    2R25DA026119; NIDA/OD; 2014-2019
    The overall goal of this research education program is to provide an environment that encourages the development and application of new statistical genetics methods for substance use disorders.
  • “A longitudinal methylome study to detect biomarkers predicting MDD trajectories"
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord
    1R01MH099110; NIMH; 2013-2018
    Our overarching goal is to identify methylation markers in existing peripheral blood samples associated with clinical MDD trajectories over a six year time period.
  • “Investigating Methylation Patterns Associated with Alcohol Use and Addiction."
    PI: Shaunna L. Clark
    K01AA021266-01; NIAAA; 2012-2017
    The proposed project's goal of identifying methylated regions of the genome associated with alcohol use and drinking behaviors will help further our understanding of the genetic underpinnings of alcohol addiction and can ultimately be used to improve the prevention and treatment of drinking outcomes and addiction by identifying biomarkers for alcohol disorders.

Completed Grants 

  • “Methylome-wide investigation of PKU-blood spots may determine whether hypoxia related methylation markers, associated to schizophrenia were present early in life"
    PI: Karolina A. Aberg
    PQRF VCU Award; 2014-2015
    Using neonatal blood spots we will investigate if DNA methylation marks present at birth can predict schizophrenia susceptibility.
  • “Mediators of methylomic profiles in 1500 schizophrenia cases and controls"
    PI: Karolina A. Aberg
    1R03MH102723-01; NIMH; 2014 - 2015
    Using existing data and a set of novel analysis we aim to perform data integration to further improve our understanding of the role played by methylation in schizophrenia pathogenesis.
  • "Identifying biomarkers for post-partum depression in african-american women"
    PI (subcontract): Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord
    1R01MH095992; NIMH; 2012-2016
    Postpartum depression causes enormous human suffering and cost to society. Our goal is rapidly to learn more about the biological basis of postpartum depression by studying the blood of African-American women with and without postpartum depression.
  • "Mapping the genetic architecture of complex disease via rna-seq and gwas data"
    PI: Zhongming Zhao; Co-I: Van den Oord
    R01 LM011177; NLM; 2012-2015
    This study uses RNA seq and GWAS data to map and understand the genetic architecture of schizophrenia.
  • “1/2 Cis and trans data integration to find mechanisms causing psychiatric disorders”
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord
    1R01MH097283-01; NIMH; 2012-2015
    The volume of data related to the biological causes of psychiatric disorders has grown exponentially. Integrating results from all these studies has a considerable potential to improve our understanding of disease mechanisms. This understanding will be critical to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment.
  • “Integrating Genomic and Environmental Perspectives on Internalizing Disorders”
    PI: Daniel E. Adkins
    K01MH093731-01; NIMH; 2011-2016
    Affecting more than one in five Americans annually, internalizing disorders (IDs) (i.e., depression and anxiety) are the most common forms of mental illness and leading causes of the global health burden. Clearly, an improved understanding of the etiology of IDs would substantially advance both prevention and intervention efforts.
  • "Functional characterization of pathways regulated by schizophrenia gene TCF4”
    PI: Joseph L. McClay
    R21 MH099419; NIMH; 2012-2014 
    We aim to identify the gene network(s) regulated by transcription factor 4 (TCF4) using ChIP-seq and to test the network (s) in large genotype, methylation and expression datasets for association with schizophrenia.
  • “Whole genome profiling to detect schizophrenia methylation markers”
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord; Co-I: Aberg, Adkins, Bukszar, McClay
    1RC 2MH089996; NIMH; 2009-2011
    The first stage of this project involves a whole genome study to search for schizophrenia methylation markers in a large case-control sample. To eliminate false discoveries due to technical and sampling errors, we will follow up the most promising findings in a second schizophrenia cases-control sample using pyrosequencing.
  • “Functional Characterization of Three Novel Genes Associated with Antipsychotic Response in the CATIE study” 
    PI: Joseph L. McClay
    Research grant; NARSAD; 2010-2012
    Three genes will be investigated using bioinformatics and in vitro functional methods to better understand their associations with antipsychotic response.
  • “Supplement to grant: Design and analysis of adaptive multistage genetic association studies”
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord; Co-I: Bukszar
    HG004240-02S1; NHGRI; 2009-2011
    The goal is to extend our framework for designing cost-effective multistage studies to sequencing and methylation studies.
  • “Genome-wide association study to detect genes for schizophrenia”
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord; Co-I: McClay, Webb, Bukszar
    R01 MH078069; NIMH; 2008-2011
    The overarching goal for this study is a rigorous replication of schizophrenia GWAS studies in independent samples in large family and case-control samples.
  • “Design and analysis of adaptive multistage genetic association studies”
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord; Co-I: Bukszar
    R01 HG004240; NHGRI; 2008-2011
    Genome-wide association studies offer great promise to identify common disease-predisposing variants. The goal of this project is to develop a flexible framework for designing these studies in a cost-effective way and optimize subsequent replication efforts.
  • “Evaluating the genetic, epi-genetic and miRNA control of global gene expression in the Stanley Medical Research Institute (SMRI) postmortem brain sample” 
    PI: Vladimir Vladimirov; Co-I: Aberg, McClay, Van den Oord
    #08R-1959; SMRI; 2010–2012
    The main goal of this proposal is to generate a comprehensive molecular brain (expression) map to help us understand the complex interactions between miRNAs and their respective gene targets and how these interactions are modulated by genetic (eQTLs) and epi-genetic (methylation) factors.
  • “Research education in statistical genetics of substance abuse”
    PI: Michael C Neale; Co-I: Van den Oord
    R25 DA026119; NIDA; 2008-2013
    The overall goal of this research education program is to provide an environment that encourages the development and application of statistical genetics at the highest levels.
  • "In silico genome scan with high-throughput addiction related phenotypes in mice"
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord
    R21 DA021411; NIDA, 2007-2009
    The goal of this project is to study methamphetamine induced behavioral and metabolomic changes in brains, using a panel of inbred mouse strains.
  • "Capacity building for method development in biomarker research"
    Gift 2006 to Center
    The goal is to build the capacity for developing to analyze and integrate genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data.
  • “Candidate Genes in Models of Mental Health”
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord
    R01 MH/HD65320-01; NIMH; 2002-2006
    The goal of this project is develop statistical methods for including candidate genes in models of mental health.
  • "COPD disease progression and biomarker discovery"
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord; Co-I: McClay, Bukzar, Webb
    Research grant; PM; 2007-2008
    The aim is to analyze complex large scale COPD data where extensive longitudinal clinical data are supplemented by genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data.
  • “The Genetic Epidemiology of Psychiatric and Respiratory Phenotypes”
    PI: Edwin J. C. G. van den Oord
    Research grant; GSK; 2003-2006
    The aim is to analyze complex large scale genetic epidemiological data with novel statistical methods to produce new phenotype and genetic understanding of psychiatric and respiratory phenotypes.
  • “A genome-wide association study of schizophrenia in Ireland”
    PI: Brien P. Riley; Co-I: Van den Oord; Webb, Bukszar
    R01 MH083094; NIMH; 2008-2012
    We propose to conduct a single- stage GWA study of schizophrenia in an ethnically homogeneous sample previously collected in Ireland. The sample of 2357 affected individuals and 2000 or 5000 controls provides considerable power to detect genes of modest effect.
  • “Identification of susceptibility genes for anxiety disorders”
    PI: Jack Hettema; Co-I: Van den Oord
    R21 MH079192; NIMH; 2007-2009
    We propose to test candidate anxiety disorder susceptibility genes selected from preliminary mouse and human data in a unique human genetic epidemiologic sample.
  • “The Genetic Epidemiology of Schizophrenia in Ireland”
    PI: Kenneth S. Kendler; Co-I: Van den Oord
    R01 MH041953: NIMH; 2004-2009
    The aim is sequence high and low risk haplotype groups to identify causal mutations in the dystrobrevin gene on chromosome 6.
  • “An Irish Affected Sib Pair Study of Alcohol Dependence”
    PI: Kenneth S. Kendler; Co-I: Van den Oord, Bukzar, Webb
    R01 AA11408; NIAAA; 2007-2012
    The goal of this project is to detect the genomic location of susceptibility loci for alcoholism.
  • “Alcohol Center Pilot Grant”
    PI: Mike Miles/ Kenneth S. Kendler; Co-I: Webb
    P20; NIAAA; 2008-2010
    The goal of this project is to build a center for alcohol research.
  • “A Developmental Model of Gene-Environment Interplay in SUDs”
    PI: E. Jane Costello; VCU subcontract PI: Eaves; Co-I: Van den Oord
    R01 AA11408; NIDA; 2007-2012
    Using genome-wide association, the goal of this project is to examine interaction of genetic, developmental and environmental risk factors in the development of substance abuse.
  • “Genetics of nicotine and other abused substances”
    PI: Sam Chen; Co-sponsor: Van den Oord
    1K01DA019498; 2006-2011
  • “Generation of Ethanol Response Gene Resource by Large-Scale Data Integration”
    PI: Zhongming Zhao; Co-I: Webb
    R21 AA017437; Agency: NIAAA; 2008-2010
    The proposed project will collect, curate, and analyze all the available data sets for ethanol response genes and prioritize the candidate genes for future investigation.
  • “Genetics of Fear and Anxiety Disorders”
    PI: Jack Hettema; Co-sponsor: Van den Oord
    K08 MH66277; 2002-2007
  • “Research Training: Psychiatric & Statistical Genetics”
    PI: Michael C. Neale; Preceptor: Van den Oord
    2T32MH020030; NIMH; 1999-2009
    This application supports several pre- and post-doctoral students for multidisciplinary training in Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics.

Updated March 2017